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Arena 26+2 Castle DropSpanish/Turks
FC into Elephant All-InMalay
Fast ImperialTurks
Scout RushAny
Tower RushAny
16 sheep
23 wood (build LC#1)
31 lure boar
41 house -> mill on berries
53 on berries
61 lure boar
71 under TC on food
82 on wood (LC #1)
93 on stone (build MC)
10Click Feudal and take loom
11Move 4 from food to gold
12After you're out of food build some farms
13Try to pump out villagers to stake stone
14When you're 80% to Feudal, run villagers to enemy base and tower rush to destroy the wall
15Meanwhile add more economy and try to get to Castle Age ASAP
3 TC BoomBritons
24 Pop ArchersMalay
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