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Arena 26+2 Castle DropSpanish/Turks
FC into Elephant All-InMalay
Fast ImperialTurks
Scout RushAny
16 Sheep
24 wood (build LC #1)
31 lure boar
41 villager under TC on food
51 house -> mill on berries
62 villagers on berries
71 lure boar
81 villager to berries
91 villager to food under TC
101 villager to wood (build LC #2)
11Loom + click up
123 TC villagers to lumber camp #2
13Build barrack at 50-60% up
14Build a stable, make scouts (you can stack 3 and then come later with the other ones)
15Double bit axe/horse collar and try to add more farms
16Try to get as much damage and even if you don't do much damage just try to harass and make the opponent villagers to be idle. Scout rush doesn't only mean killing villagers, it means to get the enemy behind and try to get more damage as you can
Tower RushAny
3 TC BoomBritons
24 Pop ArchersMalay
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