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Arena 26+2 Castle DropSpanish/Turks
FC into Elephants All-InMalay
16 sheep
23 wood
31 lure boar
41 house -> mill -> berries
51 wood
62 berries
71 lure second boar
81 berries
92 more to food under TC
106 more to wood (1 lumber camp)
113 to gold
12Click up to Feudal
13Queue 2 more villagers and send them to gold
14Build a barrack then a stable with 2 villagers from wood/food/berries
15Build a blacksmith with 1 villager from berries/wood/food
16When done with all the food under TC, make farms with all the villagers
17Click up to Castle Age
18Build a second stable with 1 villager from berries/wood/food
19When hitting Castle Age, stop producing villagers and pump out elephants
20With extra wood, build a market to sell the extra wood for food or gold to pump more elephants from the stable
21If done correctly, you should have 15-18 elephants before 21 minutes (also take the armor upgrade for cavalry from the blacksmith)
22When you have a good amount of elephants, rush enemy TC with all the elephants, then the villagers/market and the military building
Fast ImperialTurks
Scout RushAny
Tower RushAny
3 TC BoomBritons
24 Pop ArchersMalay
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